Site Access Traffic Marshals: good, bad or ugly?

1 Jul 2019

Gate teams sometimes have a thankless task – they’re out in all weathers, poorly paid, suffer abuse from the general public and even lorry drivers – yet are critical to ensuring authorised vehicles enter and leave the site safely and efficiently. That’s why CLOCS wants to hear from your construction site manager to ensure their teams are fully trained and competent against the CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal competency framework. Click here to complete a short survey and click here to read more.

Gate teams or Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATMs) are mainly responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient access and egress of authorised vehicles to sites; checking vehicles and drivers are authorised to service the site, have all the required accreditation/equipment/qualifications, followed the specified route, keeping the public informed and safe during vehicle movements at the site entrance, and so on.

The CLOCS Standard labels the role SATM to distinguish it from marshalling vehicles within the site.  

Early survey responses suggest a mixed picture in the understanding, competency and pay levels of gate teams. Two-thirds of respondents believe their teams can describe their role/responsibilities, manage safe access/egress of vehicles to/from site, and can control site traffic volumes. About half think their teams understand site traffic systems and can communicate with drivers and the general public. But two-thirds recognise their teams aren’t great at checking drivers and vehicles against the CLOCS Standard or contractual requirements. You could learn a lot from Mulalley and Roadbridge UK who are recognised as amongst the best in the industry at gate checks.

CLOCS has just updated the CLOCS Gate Check poster.  All CLOCS sites should display and use to help everyone understand requirements. The poster is free to download. 

High volumes of survey responses are critical to ensure the CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal training that was piloted 18 months ago is updated to directly address the sector’s primary need.

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