CLOCS Champions: priority access to CLP Training

29 May 2019

Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are integral to the CLOCS Standard as they provide the structured framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle journeys for a proposed development and give the planning authority an overview of the expected logistics activity during the construction programme. 

The target audience for the course includes transport planners, property developers, construction contractors and logistics operators. This mixed audience will help delegates gain a better understanding of Construction Logistics Planning from all perspectives and to help efficiently prepare and assess more consistent, simplified CLPs.

This current course is delivered in two one-day modules (Foundation and Practitioner) and a third day is being piloted. Delegates must complete the Foundation module before progressing onto achieve Practitioner status.

Alex Pocklington, Principal Network Impact Assessment Engineer at Croydon Council said, “Effective construction logistics plans continue to prove critical in enabling the construction of Croydon’s £5bn growth zone without harm to the community. Central to this success has been Croydon Council’s setting of fair, balanced and proportionate requirements on developers accompanied by progressive collaborative enabling arrangements such as an HGV holding bays and early delivery permits along with the mandated use of Croydon’s CL Navigation app.”

To-date, over 250 professionals are now trained as CLP Practitioners.  Email to make sure your name is at the top of the waiting list. CLOCS Members will have priority access to the training as well as additional resources on the CLOCS website. Course dates to be announced in July.