Mulalley - implementing CLOCS as a principal contractor

28 May 2019

Peter Sharman, Associate Director for Sustainability, Mulalley, explained how they are implementing CLOCS as a principal contractor at the CLOCS Conference 2019 on the 20th March 2019 in Birmingham. 

For Mulalley, CLOCS is about saving lives and preventing trauma, not about forced compliance to client requirements or legislation.

“Mulalley prides itself on ensuring the right commercial and site arrangements to require and enable the safest fleet operations. Our construction logistics arrangements, supported by the development and use of the ‘Mulalley CLOCS gate check app’, are critical to ensure everyone understands and consistently meets the required CLOCS Standard wherever they are in the country.”

As Mulalley’s workload grew and sites got much busier, they took the following actions to overcome their challenges and barriers:

  • Reviewed the CLOCS Standard and all relevant documentation, finding the CLOCS toolkit and CLOCS gate poster particularly useful
  • Secured board backing and engagement
  • Created company procedures, made the Construction Logistics Plan and addendum to the contract (as Annexe 1), trained staff, identified 6 key actions, risk-profiled all projects, and issued letters to supply chain
  • Became a CLOCS Champion
  • Worked with the Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Developed training courses workshops meetings briefings e-learning, and intranet page
  • Developed Mulalley’s CLOCS Gate Check App to ensure consistency and collect key data

Mulalley is a family owned construction and refurbishment contractor operating successfully throughout South-East England for over 40 years.

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