ProCure22 and SCF - implementing CLOCS as a construction client

25 Apr 2019

At the CLOCS Conference 2019 Alex Neall, Framework Manager at Southern Construction Framework (SCF), gave a presentation around implementing CLOCS as a construction client. As part of it, Alex discussed ProCure22 and the overwhelmingly positive response from Cliff Jones,  Head of Construction Procurement at the Department of Health & Social Care. 

ProCure22 (P22) is a Construction Procurement Framework administrated by the Department of Health & Social Care for the development and delivery of NHS and Social Care capital schemes in England.

ProCure22 (P22) adopted CLOCS because it recognises the public interest and self-interest in collaborative, focused action to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys.

Cliff Jones, Head of Construction Procurement at the Department of Health & Social Care: 

“Beyond the ethical and moral duty we all have to prevent harm, preventing collisions between HGVs and the community saves the NHS money. And avoids the pressures that A&E departments and other elements of the NHS are suffering due to capacity issues. It avoids emergency medical treatments in the immediate aftermath of a collision and the cost of long-term care for those who survive or are traumatised.

And this affects us all as we all want to have access to the NHS when we need it. Prevention is better than cure, as in all things. Integrating CLOCS into our procurement requirements makes good financial sense and common sense. Why would you not do it? We all have a moral duty to protect each other. So, I urge you to join procure 22 and many others in adopting and implementing CLOCS across the UK."

The Southern Construction Framework (SCF) is a collaboration between Devon and Hampshire County Councils that offers public sector organisations throughout London, the South East and the South West support with construction procurement.

The SCF has embedded CLOCS into their Health and Safety Charter “to work towards the CLOCS & FORS Standard at corporate or project level as appropriate”. Nine SCF contractors are CLOCS champions.

Alex Neall, Framework Manager at Southern Construction Framework: 

“We recognise the importance of positive action by construction clients in mandating adoption of the national CLOCS Standard as it is critical to enabling and requiring principal contractors to provide the right commercial and physical/site arrangements that enable the safest fleet operations. That’s why SCF is working with its contractors to integrate CLOCS into its framework processes”

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The CLOCS Conference 2019 was held on the 20th March 2019 in Birmingham. If you would like access to more information about what was covered at the conference, please email

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