FORS: updated vehicle safety equipment guide for version 5

28 Feb 2019

The updated version of the FORS Vehicle safety equipment guide is now available to download from the FORS website

The guide will help operators meet the vehicle safety equipment requirements of the FORS Standard version 5 (launched 14 January 2019) and will be especially helpful to operators required to meet the FORS Silver requirements to demonstrate CLOCS compliance.

The guide provides guidance on each requirement, including the equipment that can be used, and advice on the specification that this equipment should meet. It also includes a clear and helpful pictorial representation of where each equipment needs to be installed on a right-hand drive vehicle.

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FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme open to organisations operating any vehicles that are involved in the movement of materials, products, valuables, equipment, tools, waste, food, vehicles, luggage or people.