Traffic Routing: join forces to create solutions

28 Feb 2019

Are you interested in driving collective demand for safer sat nav / traffic routing solutions?

Currently no commercial traffic routing / sat nav system (built-in or portable) provides the safety-critical option for a fleet operator to intentionally plan and follow the safest route. No system alerts a driver as they approach an incident hotspot – making it difficult for fleet operators to easily meet the CLOCS Standard requirement. 

Principal contractors are also required to define/communicate the ‘last mile route to/from their site’ (i.e. roads defined in the Construction Logistics Plan) to all fleet operators, and to monitor their adherence / deviation from them.

However, collective action by CLOCS Champions can change this  …!

Fleet operators on the CLOCS Working Group are aggregating their buying power of traffic routing / sat nav systems. Demonstrating potential market demand to solution providers will give confidence for investment and development.

Join us to push for safer sat nav / traffic routing solutions:

Whether your organisation is a CLOCS Champion or just working in an organisation that wants to save lives and money, if you’re interested in driving collective demand for safer sat nav / traffic routing solutions, please advise the CLOCS team.

Interested? Send a message to with this completed message:

"We operate approximately _______________ vehicles. We are willing for our company name to be added to those already taking action."

It would also be helpful if you could identify your current provider.

By doing so, you are not making any contractual or financial commitment, just expressing your desire to work together to enable the safest construction journeys.