Supply chain compliance: how to make it happen?

30 Jan 2019

Achieving compliance against the CLOCS Standard is a journey for our CLOCS champion members who have committed to ensuring the safest construction journeys that they have the power to influence.  During our conversations with members, concern has been expressed that there are situations, especially outside of London where it is not possible to source compliant suppliers.

It will take time for the supply chain to mature but demand will stimulate supply if it is reasonable and consistent. If a structured supply chain review demonstrates that your suppliers are not yet able to meet the requirements of the CLOCS Standard, then you must give notice that compliance will be required within 12 months, and clearly communicate what needs to be achieved if they wish to continue to win your work.

The team is here to support members to do their very best to operate in the ‘spirit’ of the CLOCS Standard. Every member is offered a telephone meeting - an Implementation Communication Plan review (ICP), to identify challenges, share success and understand strategies for implementation over the coming year.  If you haven’t done so already contact to book your ICP review call.