FORS Fuel Management Guide

30 Jan 2019

To help operators manage their fuel consumption, FORS has created the ‘FORS Fuel management guide’.

The guide contains a list of handy tips and takes a holistic view of fuel efficiency and the importance of developing a fuel management policy, including fuel purchasing, fuel use monitoring through telematics, AdBlue use and correct storage of fuel at a depot.

Although the guide is aimed at operators of HGVs, passenger carrying vehicles and vans, much of it is also relevant to car and powered two-wheeler fleets. The guide also provides vital fuel saving tips for both operators and drivers.

Download your copy of the FORS Fuel management guide here. 

To register with FORS, click here. FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme open to organisations operating any vehicles that are involved in the movement of materials, products, valuables, equipment, tools, waste, food, vehicles, luggage or people.