CLOCS Standard (Version 3)

3 Dec 2018

The new CLOCS Standard includes, for the first time, responsibilities for ‘regulators’ particularly planning and highways authorities.

Current CLOCS Strategy is to engage with key influencers to drive CLOCS through requirements in planning and procurement.  This approach will create demand for organisations that understand and can deliver construction projects to comply with the CLOCS Standard.

In the CLOCS Standard (Version 3), Regulators shall

  • embed the requirement to operate to the CLOCS Standard into policy and guidance documents
  • ensure the planning process requires submission and approval of an outline and/or detailed Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) that addresses the main transport impact/risks in delivering the project safely before consent is granted
  • require a project to have effective CLOCS implementation monitoring mechanisms and to provide to the authority (if requested) CLOCS compliance performance data
  • have in place effective enforcement mechanisms to secure prompt action by the project team should a breach occur

Download the CLOCS Standard (Version 3) here.