Safety Forum #22 The Road to Zero Harm

15 May 2024
In this latest CLOCS Safety Forum, we were joined by Ros Walker, Principal Behavioural Science Consultant at TRL, and Anne-Marie Penny, Senior Road Safety Policy Adviser at National Highways, to look at The Road to Zero Harm - reducing the risk of suicide related deaths for road users.

Hiding in plain sight

1 May 2024
Five million people in the UK have diabetes – that’s 1 in 12 working-age people – and around 90-95% of these people have type 2 diabetes, a largely preventable condition. To help us understand impact of diabetes on business and specifically on safety in the workplace, Kate Walker, CEO for Diabetes Safety, will be joining us at the next CLOCS Member Meeting in May.

Member Meeting 16 May

1 May 2024
The next CLOCS member meeting takes place on 16 May where we will be providing a number of updates from the CLOCS team and from some of our partners.

CLOCS branded products now available

1 May 2024
CLOCS is delighted to be able to offer CLOCS branded signage to members looking to use their vehicles to promote their association with CLOCS and their commitment to protecting vulnerable road users.

Safety Forum #21 The Human Factor in Fleet Safety

8 Apr 2024
The principal aim of CLOCS is zero fatalities or serious injuries from construction related vehicle movements and a key part of achieving that aim is understanding the underlying causes for such incidents. While much work has been done across the industry to ensure that the vehicles that move our materials from A to B are as safe as possible, what do we do to ensure those driving our vehicles are equally prepared?

International Women's Day - an interview with Kate Cairns

8 Mar 2024
To recognise International Women's Day, we talked to long-time CLOCS Supporter, CLP trainer and a champion of equality and diversity, Kate Cairns about her experiences in construction. Kate is a Chartered Civil Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). She has driven change across the construction industry by instigating and contributing to two world-first standards in sustainability (CEEQUAL) and in safety (CLOCS). She is a trail blazer, multi-award winner and inspiring role model.

Delivery Partners on the up!

15 Feb 2024
As the CLOCS community grows and develops, we value the input and engagement from organisations that offer products and services that support CLOCS Champions in their efforts to deliver safer, leaner and greener construction logistics. We are therefore delighted to welcome 4 new Delivery Partners to the CLOCS community.

Speedy Hire First Aid

14 Feb 2024
Speedy Hire were recently thrilled to announce that they have launched a life-saving initiative which will see defibrillators (AEDs) be installed in its engineer vans across the country. Initial rollout sees life-saving devices installed across 18 Speedy Hire engineer vans, with over 320 to be installed throughout the year.

CLOCS Safety Forum #20 - January 2024 Driving change

2 Feb 2024
The principal aim of CLOCS is zero fatalities or serious injuries from construction related vehicle movements and a key part of achieving that aim is understanding the underlying causes for such incidents. In this latest CLOCS Safety Forum, Mark Cartwright from National Highways and CLOCS Strategic Partner Driving for Better Business delivered a session exploring some of these factors and pointing out that vehicles don't crash, drivers do, that most vehicles on the road are there for work, and we still have 5 people losing their lives on UK roads every single day.

FORS Annual Conference welcomes largest ever delegation

28 Nov 2023
FORS - the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme - recently welcomed its largest-ever delegation to the sixth FORS Annual Conference at the International Conventional Centre in Birmingham. With the theme for 2023 'Building a resilient FORS Community for the road ahead', the event featured more than 40 exhibitors, plus a diverse range of speakers with practical advice on maintaining rigorous processes for compliance and safety, as well as how to deliver greater business efficiencies.

Construction Clients' Leadership Group

28 Nov 2023
CLOCS was delighted to welcome the Construction Clients' Leadership Group (CCLG) as a CLOCS Strategic Partner earlier this year. CCLG is an independent group for private, public, and regulated clients to share best practice, learn from others and tackle pressing issues facing clients and the industry at large.

SSGB Refresh

28 Nov 2023
CLOCS is delighted to welcome three new members to the CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board - Rachel Gale from Falcon Freight, Gareth Jones from Speedy Asset Hire and Mark Cowan from British Aggregates Association.

CLOCS Safety Forum #19 - Let's talk about speed

14 Nov 2023
For this Safety Forum, we were joined by Lucy Straker, Campaigns Manager for road safety charity Brake who provided an overview of the upcoming Road Safety Week and their Brake5 challenge, explaining how we can all get involved.

Driving Excellence - The Case for a Driver Skills Card Scheme in Construction Logistics and Associated Sectors

20 Sep 2023
Mark Cowan, Director of CLOCS Delivery Partner MinTrainâ„¢ discusses why training and assessment standards and specifically 'competence' are vital when ensuring the safest vehicle journeys.

New member update

20 Sep 2023
With CLOCS Strategic Partnership and Delivery Partnership launched since the start of the year, we wanted to recognise some new members of the CLOCS community.

CLOCS Safety Forum - Driver communication, how do you do yours?

20 Sep 2023
The latest CLOCS Safety Forum looked at effective driver communication, a key element when ensuring those driving construction vehicles have the correct, up-to-date and necessary information at all times, but often problematic with drivers regularly on the road, not able to access the necessary information at all times and with information often changing short notice.

Gate checks explained

20 Sep 2023
It is a critical requirement within the CLOCS Standard for Principal Contractors to 'check through general observation and sufficiently frequent spot checks that vehicles and drivers meet the requirements of the CLOCS Standard and that the specified route has been followed'. CLOCS has developed a number of useful resources over the years including checklists, non-conformance reports, site posters and much more, but what does a gate check actually look like?

Geraint Davies begins role as new FORS Concession Director

1 Aug 2023
FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has appointed Geraint Davies as its new Concession Director. He began his new role on Monday 3rd July. Davies, who left his role as Chief Operating Officer at John Raymond Transport, is already well known in the transport sector, bringing with him a wealth of experience, including senior positions with the RHA and Logistics UK, and a close association with FORS for many years.

FORS publishes first edition of 'FORS Focus on Transport Trends'

1 Aug 2023
FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has published a free-to-download guide, entitled FORS Focus on Transport Trends: how technology is shaping the fleet safety landscape.

Make it Visible

1 Aug 2023
CLOCS Strategic Partner, The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families. A crucial element of the charity's strategy is to provide a wide range of free and widely available pro-active resources to support the industry.

CLOCS Members Meeting

1 Aug 2023
On 6th July, we were delighted to hold our first live CLOCS Member Meeting since...well, what feels like a long time ago.

CLOCS Standard Review

1 Aug 2023
The next version of the CLOCS Standard is due for publication in Autumn 2024 so now is the time for you to let us know what you would like to see included or changed.

CLOCS Safety Forum #17 - the safety of work-related driving

25 Jul 2023
The CLOCS community has made a commitment to strive for safer, leaner and greener construction logistics and we are all on a journey towards the ultimate aim of zero fatalities and serious injuries from construction related vehicles. To understand that journey, it is important to look back and reflect upon the history of work-related road safety (WRRS), identify the key milestones along the way and consider the impact of the various reports, initiatives and organisations developed to help raise standards.

CLOCS Safety Forum #16 - Cargo bikes in construction

15 Jun 2023
The CLOCS community is committed to driving safer, leaner and greener construction logistics and to adopting and implementing Construction Logistics Plans for all relevant construction activity. A fundamental requirement within any CLP is the consideration of Planned Measures used to influence behaviours that reduce environmental impact, road risk and congestion, and part of that is exploring other means of moving goods and materials by alternative methods of transport. Historically, this section of the CLP has focussed on the use of rail and/or water but it is now clear that cargo bikes have a role to play.

Our community grows

19 May 2023
With CLOCS Strategic Partnership and Delivery Partnership launched since the start of the year, we wanted to recognise some new members of the CLOCS community.

Look beyond the truck

18 May 2023
CLOCS Strategic Partner CLOCS-Australia is working with the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) who have launched a campaign in an effort to humanise the image of truck drivers to the Australian public.

FORS Annual Conference 2023

18 May 2023
The FORS Annual Conference is set to return on Thursday 2 November 2023, with the theme 'Building a resilient FORS Community for the road ahead'. This year's event, which will be held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, will build on the success of the 2022 conference, which received industry-wide praise from its audience of more than 400 influential transport sector stakeholders. The conference will also provide a platform for FORS Affinity Partners and FORS Associates to showcase their products and services, while presenting the opportunity to network with senior road transport professionals.

CLOCS Monitoring

18 May 2023
CLOCS monitoring was updated in January 2023 to reflect changes made to the CLOCS Standard last year - are you up to date?

Introducing DfBB

18 May 2023
CLOCS Strategic Partner Driving for Better Business is a free to access government-backed National Highways programme, delivered in partnership with RoadSafe, to help employers in the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, protecting staff who drive or ride for work, and others who they may share the road with. For those who manage occupational road risk, there is a lot to learn, and a lot to communicate to drivers. DfBB shares resources, provides support and encouragement, and help find any gaps in current operations.

CLOCS Safety Forum #15 - HGV safety in the urban environment

30 Mar 2023
Ensuring construction-related vehicles are as safe as possible is a fundamental element of the CLOCS Standard. This can involve ensuring vehicles are fitted with appropriate safety equipment, capturing relevant data which can be used to improve the driver experience and ensuring drivers have as much vision - direct and through the use of mirrors and camera - of their surroundings as practicably possible.

CLOCS Delivery Partners

23 Mar 2023
As the CLOCS community has grown and developed over the years, we have organisations within our membership that offer products and services that support our Champions in their efforts to deliver safer, leaner and greener construction logistics. Whether through training those who work in vehicles or on projects, providing knowledge or expertise though consultancy services or developing new and innovative vehicles and safety equipment, these organisations play a vital role in driving up standards and CLOCS would now like to recognise the importance of what they do by launching CLOCS Delivery Partnership.

James Burrell Builder's Merchant talk CLOCS

21 Mar 2023
When new CLOCS Champion reached out to the team to talk about their work to promote their new membership to their customers and supply chain, we wanted to know more.

Is gambling affecting your workforce?

21 Mar 2023
Back in 2019 Public Health England (PHE) reported that an estimated 0.5% of the population had reached the threshold to be classified as having a gambling disorder. They also estimated that 3.8% of the population are classified as at-risk gamblers - typically low-or moderate-risk gamblers - meaning they may experience some level of negative consequences due to their gambling. They also estimated that up to 7% of the population are affected by others gambling, meaning over 10% of the population, or one in ten of us, may be affected.

FORS announces partnership with road safety scheme Project EDWARD

17 Mar 2023
FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is joining forces with Project EDWARD, the UK's biggest platform for showcasing good practice in road safety, to promote road safety standards.

TfL DVS Phase 2 Consultation

17 Mar 2023
In February, TfL launched a consultation on their proposals to create a Progressive Safe System (PSS) as part of the HGV Safety Permit Scheme with 3 April as the deadline for responses. Its aim is to further reduce the risk that heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) over 12 tonnes pose to vulnerable road users.

National Highways launches HGV 'blind spots' safety campaign

14 Mar 2023
National Highways has launched a new safety campaign amid concerns about drivers' awareness of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) 'blind spots' when overtaking. In the campaign video, supported by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), Logistics UK and other HGV bodies, drivers are being urged to 'know the zones' where HGV drivers have limited visibility.

Sometimes it's good to go round in circles

14 Mar 2023
It's not always obvious where to start with managing driver risk. After all, there are so many different areas that need to be tackled. And how do we know whether what we're doing is good or bad, or whether we have any glaring gaps. It's easy to feel like we're just going round in circles. Hear from Simon Turner, Campaign Manager for the Driving for Better Business programme, on evaluating procedures.

Safety Forum #14 - DVSA Earned Recognition - exploring safety and compliance and busting myths

8 Mar 2023
Ensuring construction-related vehicles are maintained, operated and driven in a safe manner at all times is a fundamental element of the CLOCS Standard. Having appropriate high standards for vehicles, safety equipment, driver training and management is vital as we look to drive safer, leaner and greener construction logistics. Phil Breen from DVSA Earned Recognition spoke to CLOCS delegates about the Earned Recognition scheme and how this helps regulators, clients, contractors and operators reduce the risk to vulnerable road users in our communities.

Case Study - Screen4

31 Jan 2023
Ensuring drivers are safe to get behind the wheel is a fundamental requirement for all fleet operators. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol problems continue to be a societal issue and one that affects the construction industry as much as any other. New CLOCS Champion Screen4 offers guidance, training and support to help their customers implement and sustain an effective workplace testing program.

Ultrasonic object detection systems

31 Jan 2023
Ultrasonic object detection systems have helped drivers to become more aware of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. However, less innovative devices simply make HGV drivers aware of objects, not whether there is any danger of a collision. Read about how Brigade Electronics Ltd have set about creating a solution.

Why fleet and driver safety shouldn't be a lottery

30 Jan 2023
Every year, according to government statistics, around 40,000 people are injured in collisions that involve someone who was driving for work. Plus, these are only the injuries that are reported - many aren't. And there are many more that only involve damage to vehicles or property. This means the odds of being involved in an injury collision while driving for work are just 1 in 500 and yet very few people ever believe it will happen to them.

CLOCS Strategic Partners

30 Jan 2023
As CLOCS continues to work with its members and other stakeholders to drive safer, leaner and greener construction logistics, it appreciates the value of developing relationships with other relevant organisations, trade bodies, professional institutions, lobby groups or charities with aligned aims and objectives.

The City of London and CLOCS are to run their first CLP training

16 Jan 2023
The City of London and CLOCS are to run their first CLP training for the London borough clients and contractors.

Train to gain with FORS in 2023

20 Dec 2022
We spoke to FORS Training Manager, Alice Busnati, to get the inside scoop on FORS training and what’s to come in 2023.

CLOCS Safety Forum #13 November 2022 - in review

14 Dec 2022
In Safety Forum #13, Mark Cartwright, Head of Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention at National Highways and Lead for Driving for Better Business, talked to the CLOCS community about how we need to understand and consider other factors that affect the safety of vulnerable road users.

CLOCS Strategic Partners

14 Nov 2022
CLOCS is delighted to confirm that we will shortly be launching our new CLOCS Strategic Partner proposition to properly recognise the valuable relationships we already have with a number of trade associations, industry bodies, professional institutions, lobby groups and road safety charities with aligned aims and objectives and who are working to raise standards in protecting vulnerable road users.

Lens-Tech peeps around the pillar with truck window lenses

14 Nov 2022
CLOCS Champion Lens-Tech has developed a solution to dramatically improve forward visibility on trucks fitted with peeper windows, effectively eliminating the blind spot created by windscreen pillars. The company, which designs and builds Fresnel lenses for commercial vehicles, has begun applying its Hi-Vue lenses to peeper windows in the lower front doors of truck cabs, which have become increasingly popular since London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS) came into force.

In conversation with FORS Concession Director, Ian Henderson

14 Nov 2022
Ian Henderson and his team at Sopra Steria have been at the helm of FORS since January this year. We caught up with Ian to gauge progress so far and discover what the future holds.

CLOCS Regulator Working Group launched

10 Nov 2022
At the last CLOCS Working Group meeting, it was suggested that there could be some value in connecting the various stakeholder groups to meet online and discuss common challenges and queries with CLOCS implementation but also share knowledge, ideas and best practice. A number of CLOCS Regulators stepped forward and our first CLOCS Regulator Working Group meeting was held in September.

Road Safety Week 2022

1 Nov 2022
Join CLOCS for Road Safety Week 14-20th November 2022. The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL.

CLOCS Safety Forum #12 September 2022

26 Sep 2022
As an industry looking to eradicate risk to vulnerable road users from construction-related vehicle journeys, it is vital that we look closely at the competencies of those driving these vehicles.

Increases to CLOCS fees

26 Sep 2022
As the construction industry, and our wider society, continues to deal with high levels of inflation, CLOCS, like every organisation, needs to review fees on a regular basis to ensure they are in line with the increased costs in delivering the CLOCS programme.

CLOCS Working Group meeting 10th November 2022, London (venue TBC)

26 Sep 2022
The next CLOCS Working Group meeting is scheduled for 10 November 2022 so please hold the date now if you are part of the group and are able to attend.

Reminder to conduct site self-assessments

26 Sep 2022
To assist principal contractors establish how they are performing against the CLOCS requirements at site level, CLOCS has developed a number of resources which are available on the CLOCS website.

Procuring fleet operations in line with CLOCS

26 Sep 2022
The CLOCS Standard was updated in August 2022 to acknowledge that other fleet accreditations can be used to demonstrate compliance with CLOCS whilst retaining the level of performance as described as FORS Silver as the benchmark.

CLOCS partners with Driving for Better Business

26 Sep 2022
CLOCS is delighted to confirm that it is now officially a Delivery Partner with Driving for Better Business, the Government-backed National Highways programme helping employers reduce work related road risk.

Come meet CLOCS at UK Construction Week

23 Sep 2022
CLOCS are excited to announce we will be hosting a stand at UK Construction Week show at the Birmingham NEC from 4-6 October 2022.

CLOCS Safety Forum #11 July 2022 - in review

4 Aug 2022
Construction planning documents: co-ordination, conflict, or confusion?

CLOCS sponsors SECBE Awards

22 Jul 2022
CLOCS sponsored the Modern Methods of Construction Category award and Zero-Carbon Social Housing Scheme, submitted by ZED PODS and Bromley Council, was a worthy winner.

CLOCS Working Group Meeting

22 Jul 2022
The latest CLOCS Working Group meeting was held on 28 June with an excellent turnout of regulators, clients, contractors and operators.

CLOCS Standard update Version 4

11 Jul 2022
Following consultation with CLOCS Champions - the regulators, clients, contractors and operators responsible for delivering CLOCS - the CLOCS Standard has been updated.

CLOCS Safety Forum #10 May 2022 - in review

11 Jun 2022
This safety forum looked at vehicle safety equipment, hearing from a leading vehicle manufacturer on what is on the horizon for new vehicles, and from two providers of vehicle safety systems on how to make older vehicles safer.

CLOCS Safety Forum #9 February 2022 - in review

11 Mar 2022
VANS - THE FORGOTTEN FLEET. While much focus is given to HGVs, within the Standard but also throughout many of our discussions, CLOCS is concerned with all construction logistics vehicles which can cause harm through collision and emissions, and that add to congestion problems within our communities.

When a precise location is vital, what3words may be the answer

22 Dec 2021
Locate sites, services and incidents more efficiently with what3words

CLOCS Safety Forum #8 - Dec 2021 - in review

22 Dec 2021
Vulnerable road user safety at the site boundary

SECBE signs new contract for CLOCS to continue its vital work in making UK roads safer

22 Nov 2021
We are delighted to announce that SECBE, the South East Centre for the Built Environment, has signed a new 5-year contract with Transport for London to continue delivery of the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) scheme which aims to make construction journeys safer and greener across the UK. The new contract will begin in December 2021 and last for five years.

Road Safety Week 2021

15 Nov 2021
It's #RoadSafetyWeek 15-21 Nov CLOCS celebrates transport professionals and built environment organisations who take actions for safer roads. We support individuals and organisations championing CLOCS standards for health and safety across the sector and in local communities.

New resource from ICE: CLOCS: Good practice for designers

11 Nov 2021
The Institute of Civil Engineers has released a good practice guide to CLOCS for designers. This guidance discusses the approach that designers should take to include planning for resource and vehicle movements for a construction site, to reduce impact on the local community.

CLOCS Safety Forum #7 - Sep 2021: Site Access Traffic Marshals - in review

11 Nov 2021
At the CLOCS Safety Forum #7 September 2021 - Site Access Traffic Marshals, we explored and discussed Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATMs), the vital role they play for all stakeholders and what more needs to be done.

Project EDWARD 2021 with Kate Cairns

11 Nov 2021
Kate Cairns, CLOCS instigator and member of our Strategy, Standards and Governance Board, recently spoke at a HS2 Project EDWARD event, as keynote speaker on the importance of reducing road risk and the cost of complacency.

Update to CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board

11 Nov 2021
In 2019, the CLOCS Working Group agreed that a ‘Strategy Standards and Governance Board’ (SSGB) should be developed to provide balanced national oversight to reflect CLOCS’ increasingly national focus and co-investment.

Freight in the City in review

11 Nov 2021
The CLOCS team were delighted to get back out on the road and attend the Freight in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday 28 September. This exciting industry event, now in its sixth year, provided a showcase for the latest urban delivery vehicle technology and brought together leading logistics experts for topical debate.

CLOCS is on the latest series of Innovative Future Leaders Programme

11 Nov 2021
Andy Brooke, CLOCS Programme Director, is on the latest series of IFLP - a business change programme that will help drive CLOCS forward.

FORS Standard Version 6.0 released

11 Nov 2021
Version 6.0 of the FORS Standard was published on Tuesday 19 October and can be downloaded from the FORS website.

FORS Collision Manager

6 Oct 2021
FORS Collision Manager is a work-related road safety reporting platform which provides a new level of industry transparency relating to work-related road safety enabling users to capture, report, investigate and analyse incidents, collisions and near misses.

CLOCS Safety Forum #7 - Sep 2021: Site Access Traffic Marshals

20 Sep 2021
Explore and discuss Site Access Traffic Marshals, best practice and the vital role they play for all stakeholders.

Site Access Traffic Marshal training pack now available

6 Sep 2021
CLOCS has now developed its own standard Site Access Traffic Marshal training pack to assist trainers in becoming approved to deliver formal traffic marshal training underpinned by the national CLOCS Standard.

CLOCS will be at Freight in the City - 28 Sep 2021 - London

6 Sep 2021
CLOCS is delighted to be back on the road and will be attending this year's Freight in the City Expo on 28th September at London's Alexandra Palace.

Find out about the update to the FORS Standard

6 Sep 2021
FORS will publish version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021, with implementation from Friday 1 July 2022.

The Highway Code update

9 Aug 2021
The UK government has recently published The Highway Code consultation response. A series of rules are set to be amended to improve safety for pedestrians, particularly children, older adults and disabled people, cyclists, and horse riders.

CLOCS day out with TfL and Southwark Council

9 Aug 2021
The CLOCS team recently met up with Michael Barratt MBE (Transport for London) and Stuart Riglin (Southwark Council) for a day out cycling around London looking at construction logistics in action.

August updates from CLOCS

9 Aug 2021
We are currently busy planning for CLOCS. In the meantime, we have plenty of info and support available to help anyone improve construction logistics and community safety.

FORS to publish version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021

9 Aug 2021
FORS has announced it will launch version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021, with implementation starting from Friday 1 July 2022.

In review: CLOCS Safety Forum #6 - 17th June 2021 - Secure Loads

12 Jul 2021
Thank you to everyone who got involved in the recent CLOCS Safety Forum #6 which took place on 17th June 2021 tackling the subject of Secure Loads.

CLOCS Standard review

12 Jul 2021
The next edition of the CLOCS Standard is due for publication in late 2021 so now is the time for you to let us know what you would like to see included or changed.

CLOCS annual membership fee increase from 1st August 2021

12 Jul 2021
As the Construction industry, and our wider society, starts to look beyond Covid-19, it is with a renewed commitment to 'build back better'. At CLOCS, we are looking at how we can help all Champions to maximise the many commercial and social benefits associated with safer, greener and more efficient construction logistics.

Construction Playbook recognises safety outside the workplace and positions CLOCS as national standard

12 Jul 2021
Launched by Cabinet Office in December 2020, the Construction Playbook is a government document about sourcing and contracting public works projects. It captures best practices and outlines the government's expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

Notifying FORS of non-conformities to the FORS Standard

12 Jul 2021
CLOCS Champions who specify FORS are encouraged to report to the FORS Compliance team any non-conformities to the FORS Standard they are aware of during their day-to-day operations.

Working Group reminder

2 Jul 2021
Thursday 15th July, 09:00 to 12:30, Zoom

More clients on board

4 Jun 2021
CLOCS continues to grow its support with clients around the UK. The latest Champion on board is Imperial College London.

CLOCS SATM trainer pack now available

4 Jun 2021
CLOCS launched Site Access Traffic Marshall (SATM) accreditation early last year and now has a number of contractors and training providers licenced to deliver this vital training across the country, and several hundred individuals trained and assessed.

CLOCS Safety Forum #6 - Secure loads

4 Jun 2021
Are you coming? The CLOCS Safety Forum continues in June.

Learning to prevent collisions and incidents

4 Jun 2021
Under the CLOCS Standard, clients and contractors have the clear responsibility to obtain, understand and act on collision/near-miss data from their fleet operations, and to work together to remove/reduce risk of future collisions on their projects.

Is Direct Vision Standard working?

4 Jun 2021
Three months on from the launch of TfL's world-first Direct Vision Standard lorries across London are becoming safer.

FORS launches Mixed Accreditation for Operators

4 Jun 2021
FORS has introduced a new route to achieve Silver and/or Gold accreditation to offer more flexibility to members who wish to progress within FORS but who need more time to accredit their entire fleet at the higher level of accreditation.

Working Group recap

4 May 2021
Each quarter the CLOCS Working Group meets to receive CLOCS updates, discuss issues affecting CLOCS, and work on developments proposed by CLOCS. The Group consists of a balanced mix of CLOCS Champions from each stakeholder group.

CLOCS Champions in action

4 May 2021
We are always grateful for CLOCS Champions getting involved above and beyond the requirements set out in the CLOCS Standard. As a small team, we value each and every engagement.

Updates from FORS

4 May 2021
Latest updates from FORS.

Safer, greener and more efficient construction journeys - driven by the new CLOCS Vox App

16 Apr 2021
CLOCS Vox is now available for drivers and contractors. After a successful trial period involving companies like Bowmer + Kirkland, Sir Robert McAlpine, Tideway, Lendlease and Willmott Dixon, CLOCS Vox is now available to use.

SCAPE joins CLOCS as part of ongoing commitment to health and safety

6 Apr 2021
CLOCS welcomes SCAPE, the public-sector partnership, as a CLOCS Champion. SCAPE has an unwavering commitment to ensuring that health and safety is embedded into every SCAPE project, and now commits to raise awareness of the CLOCS Standard and promote its implementation and wider adoption across the industry by encouraging those they work with to become CLOCS champions.

CLOCS Clear Dash, Safe Cab Checklist

6 Apr 2021
Unsafe vehicles kill and injure people every year. Save lives today. Anyone can get involved - share our CLOCS Clear Dash and Safe Cab Safety Checklist. We want every construction-related organisation in the UK to take action.

CLOCS Safety Forum #5 - Learning to Prevent Collisions & Incidents

6 Apr 2021
Are you coming? The CLOCS Safety Forum continues in May. We'll be looking at how the construction industry can prevent more collisions and incidents on our roads - saving lives, costs and reputations.

Rethinking construction logistics can save you money

6 Apr 2021
TfL recently published a Freight Benefits Report reviewing and quantifying the operational, environmental and safety benefits of a range of innovative construction-related measures, including where appropriate details of real cost savings.

FORS Overseer Dashboard

6 Apr 2021
FORS has a dashboard to help organisations that oversee a FORS accredited supply chain. The dashboard can be used to look up FORS organisations either by regions via the registered postcode or by contracts via the FORS ID or organisation name.

Meet Andy Brooke - CLOCS Programme Director

1 Mar 2021
Welcome to Andy Brooke, CLOCS Programme Director. Andy brings with him a wealth of experience having previously spent 10 years as General Manager of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. We're glad he's joined the team!

CLOCS Safety Forum #4 - Technology and First and Last Mile Routing

1 Mar 2021
The CLOCS Safety Forums continue. This month it's about how we can use technology smartly and safely for first/last mile routing. It will be relevant to all CLOCS Stakeholder groups. Are you coming?

How to achieve a better performing supply chain

1 Mar 2021
Imagine your supply chain partners are all CLOCS Champions - informed and educated suppliers with access to CLOCS resources, free/discounted training, learnings from the Safety Forum, and all the other benefits membership brings.

New vehicle safety standards are in force London - take action now

1 Mar 2021
As of this week, a new Safety Permit based on the new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is required for all Heavy Goods Vehicles over 12 tonnes driving within Greater London.

Attend free 'An Introduction to FORS' webinar

1 Mar 2021
FORS is running a free monthly webinar entitled 'An Introduction to FORS'.

CLOCS Works - Part 2 - Clients and Principal Contractors

1 Feb 2021
CLOCS is launching CLOCS Works - Clients and Principal Contractors - in Feb 2021, following on from the success of our CLOCS Works campaign for Local Authorities in Sep 2020.

CLOCS Safety Forum #3 - Feb 2021

1 Feb 2021
The CLOCS Safety Forum will return on Thurs 18th February at 1.30 pm to discuss Driver Health & Wellbeing.

Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards champion CLOCS

1 Feb 2021
Every year, many of our CLOCS Champions get involved with their organisations, projects, and initiatives.

Unlock benefits by signing up as a FORS Champion

1 Feb 2021
In addition to CLOCS resources available to help you embed CLOCS into your procurement and manage supply chain compliance, CLOCS Champions also have access to free tools and guides available on the FORS website when they sign up as a FORS Champion.

CLOCS Safety Forum #2 - Jan 2021

7 Jan 2021
The CLOCS Safety Forum returns this month. After a number of tragic incidents involving preventable issues inside the cab of HGVs, we are going to discuss why and how every cab should have a clear dash and be a safe cab.

CLOCS responds: Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030 Draft for Consultation

7 Jan 2021
CLOCS responded to Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030 Draft for Consultation in December 2020. CLOCS has answered a series of questions as part of this consultation process.

New vehicle safety standards are coming to London - take action now

7 Jan 2021
A new HGV Safety Permit based on the new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is required for all HGVs over 12 tonnes driving within Greater London.

Stay safe on the road with the FORS Winter driving guide and the FORS Tyre management guide

7 Jan 2021
FORS is helping their members to prepare for adverse weather.

CLOCS Safety Forum Pilot - huge success with members

1 Dec 2020
On Fri 20 Nov 2020, we held the CLOCS Safety Forum Pilot. With over 50 CLOCS Champions in attendance, the series got off to a great start with many positive discussions.

Construction Client action saves lives, money & reputations - webinar

1 Dec 2020
CLOCS and the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group have together stimulated over 120 registrations for the CLOCS webinar 'Construction Client action saves lives, money & reputations' on Wednesday 2 Dec 2020. There's still time to register.

Spotlight on CLOCS at CMYA Awards

1 Dec 2020
The CLOCS Works video featured early during last week’s Construction Manager of the Year Awards.

All FORS Bronze audits are now conducted remotely

1 Dec 2020
All FORS Bronze audits are now being held remotely. This will continue until 31 January 2021 (inclusive) and will be subject to regular reviews.

Construction Minister backs CLOCS works campaign

2 Nov 2020
The CLOCS works campaign is gaining momentum. This month we reached a major milestone when the Construction Minister wrote back to us with a firm personal and departmental commitment to CLOCS.

CLOCS - a voice for Champions

2 Nov 2020
An important role for CLOCS is representing our members where big decisions are being made that will affect our operating environment. This month we have responded to two major national consultations.

CLOCS Safety Forum launching this month

2 Nov 2020
Meet other construction & built environment professionals once a month to discuss safety issues, understand their root causes, and share learnings. This Forum is exclusively for CLOCS Champions.

SRM win award for Outstanding CLOCS Champion

2 Nov 2020
The CLOCS team has been particularly aware of the incredible efforts and visible commitment Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) has shown in driving up awareness and implementation of CLOCS through the company and across the UK. So, at the last Working Group meeting, SRM was awarded Outstanding CLOCS Champion.

FORS downgrades to resume from 1 December

2 Nov 2020
Following the suspension of downgrades at the end of March in response to the coronavirus pandemic, FORS has confirmed that Bronze, Silver and Gold downgrades will go ahead on 1 December for FORS organisations that have not renewed their expired accreditation prior to the deadline of 30 November.

CLOCS works campaign - selected highlights

1 Oct 2020
Launched on 8th of September 2020, the CLOCS works campaign has got off to a great start. Always part of our longer-term strategy, CLOCS has been ramping up efforts to embed the CLOCS Standard at the very top of the development chain by engaging with planners and private and public sector procurers.

Achievements: How CLOCS is adding value to the industry

1 Oct 2020
The CLOCS team has been working hard over the past year to raise safety standards and add value to our industry.

CLOCS resource update: Managing Supply Chain compliance

1 Oct 2020
We have updated the CLOCS Guide: Managing Supply Chain compliance.

New CLOCS case study - Munnelly Support Services

1 Oct 2020
Munnelly Support Services, a leading UK construction logistics company, are reaping benefits by implementing CLOCS on site. Adopting the Standard has raised the bar for all involved in their construction projects while reducing the risk to the community.

Run your fleet efficiently with FORS Fleet Management System

1 Oct 2020
Say goodbye to chasing paper check sheets with FORS Fleet Management System (FORS FMS), an easy-to-use software package tailored to match specific fleet sizes and vehicle types.

Campaign with CLOCS

1 Sep 2020
On 8th September, CLOCS will launch its CLOCS Works Campaign. We'll be asking you 'pick up your pens' and join us in writing to your local authority, mayor or MP to ask them to embed CLOCS into local authority procurement and planning. This will accelerate national adoption of the CLOCS Standard.

Procuring for CLOCS

1 Sep 2020
Update to CLOCS resources

Highway Code - out for consultation

1 Sep 2020
The government is currently reviewing the Highway Code to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. We encourage you to find out how this may affect you and your business. We urge you to respond to the open consultation that closes on 27 October 2020.

FORS launches FORS Tacho Service

1 Sep 2020
FORS has recently launched FORS Tacho Service, a new tachograph analysis software designed to help ensure accurate and streamlined driver and vehicle data reporting.

New CLOCS case study - London Borough of Croydon

1 Aug 2020
CLOCS is working in the London Borough (LB) of Croydon. Within its designated Growth Zone, LB Croydon has had no construction-related KSIs since 2017. Last year the council estimated there was a peak of around 700 HGV movements per day with zero complaints.

CLOCS Guide update: How to embed CLOCS into the planning process to improve community safety

1 Aug 2020
We have updated our 'CLOCS Guide: How to embed CLOCS into the planning process to improve community safety'

East West Rail Alliance reinvest in CLOCS

1 Aug 2020
CLOCS recently featured in the East West Rail Alliance's 'Focus' newsletter, showcasing their commitment as a CLOCS Champion.

DIOHAS - Building designers take action on CLOCS

1 Aug 2020
Designers Initiative On Health And Safety (DIOHAS) have worked with CLOCS to produce a short CLOCS briefing for all its members - primarily architects across the UK but also civil engineers and other consultants.

Safety Moments - sharing lessons to help others

1 Aug 2020
Companies that constructively learn from their collisions and share lessons have significantly fewer collisions and much lower insurance premiums. CLOCS is creating a safe platform for companies to share and discuss details of their collisions and near misses with other CLOCS Champions.

The FORS team raises over £2,000 for Mates in Mind and Nottingham Hospitals Charity

1 Aug 2020
FORS is pleased to announce that its 'Virtual race across the UK' fitness challenge to raise money for two UK charities, Mates in Mind and Nottingham Hospitals Charity, has been successfully completed.

Interactive dashboard on GB Road Safety stats now available

30 Jun 2020
Over 5,500 Vulnerable Road Users were killed or injured in collisions with goods vehicles commonly used in construction in 2018 - and with a new online dashboard, you can now use data filters to better see those incident locations, graphs of peak times, and other prominent contributory factors.

Virtual CLOCS Site Monitoring Visit - Kier's exemplar score

30 Jun 2020
Kier North West achieved an exemplar score of 26 out of 27 on a recent virtual CLOCS site monitoring visit on the First Pavilion project at the University of Manchester.

Together we can really influence governments across UK

30 Jun 2020
CLOCS is working with RoadPeace and key sector bodies to compel every UK local authority and metro mayor to adopt CLOCS - and you can boost efforts by contacting local governments yourself.

Gate Checks during COVID-19

30 Jun 2020
How deliveries are accepted onto site has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. But how much and will things ever be the same again? We talked to two of our CLOCS Champions about how this issue is being tackled at the Gate.

Traffic management measures introduced to support social distancing and active travel

30 Jun 2020
Extra vigilance is needed in construction logistics as traffic management measures are introduced across the UK to support social distancing and boost active travel.

FORS on-site Bronze audits resumed

30 Jun 2020
FORS has resumed Bronze on-site audits following a break due to COVID-19 restrictions.

FORS Standard version 6 is postponed to January 2022

29 May 2020
FORS has announced that implementation of the revised version of the FORS Standard, version 6, is postponed by at least one year, to January 2022.

Updated: CLOCS Handbook - Assessment for on-site ground conditions

29 May 2020
CLOCS is currently consolidating and updating the CLOCS guides for implementation. The first update is to the 'CLOCS Handbook - Assessment for on-site ground conditions' guide - now available to download, print and use.

COVID brings new era for cycling and walking as Government releases £250m for urgent active travel schemes

29 May 2020
In response to the pandemic, the Department for Transport's (DfT) fast-tracked statutory guidance tells local authorities in areas with high levels of public transport use to take measures to reallocate road space to people walking and cycling.

Tideway maintains operations during COVID 19

29 May 2020
Gordon Sutherland, Road Traffic & Logistics Manager, Tideway (the company building London's 'super sewer'), spoke at a recent CLOCS working group meeting. This article shares some of the actions Tideway have taken to maintain safety-critical tasks and re-start additional operations during COVID-19.

How CLOCS supports safe working during COVID-19

29 May 2020
The Construction Leadership Council is a great source of support and advice. Their Site Operating Procedures are regularly updated to incorporate Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19 as it evolves, and provides comprehensive advice on site arrangements.

CLOCS Vox app: fleet operators and drivers - we need you!

29 May 2020
The CLOCS Vox driver feedback app has been successfully trialled by gate teams across the country. We now want to put the app in the hands of the drivers. We appeal to our fleet operators to come forward to join our focus group of volunteers for the final stage of the trials.

Your views to ensure CLOCS addresses key issues for next 5 years

30 Apr 2020
The current CLOCS mission is to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys - zero collisions, less congestion, increased productivity, reduced emissions and fewer complaints. We need your views by 25/05 on what CLOCS must seek to achieve over the next 5 years and how it should best do that.

Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) training - virtual classroom

30 Apr 2020
In response to requests for CLP online training, CLOCS is reshaping Day 1 CLP Foundation, providing a virtual classroom to enable more people to begin their CLP journeys during this unprecedented C-19 lockdown.

Site Access Traffic Marshal Training (SATM)

30 Apr 2020
Just before lockdown, CLOCS organised Site Access Traffic Marshal Training (SATM) 'train the trainer' days for 6 companies on the Southern Construction Framework.

Les Smith haulage - logistics to the rescue

30 Apr 2020
This is what the Nightingale hospital looked like when Les Smith Haulage delivered beds and back-up batteries. A remarkable transition to the 4,000-bed hospital up and running now!

FORS update during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

30 Apr 2020
FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - suspended all Bronze on-site audits from the 23rd March until further notice, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Support the fight against coronavirus

30 Mar 2020
PPE is desperately needed by those on the frontline and if every construction firm made a small donation, then it would make a huge contribution to the effort. Whether you use the, respond to the Government appeal or contact your local groups - please act now.

CLOCS resources update: Compliance Toolkit

30 Mar 2020
We have completed the revisions to the Compliance Toolkit which is now available online in the Resources section.

CLOCS City Region Inspiration events update

30 Mar 2020
CLOCS was quick to react to the Coronavirus outbreak. We first took precautionary measures when we rearranged our city events at short notice to hold them online. A remarkable turnaround in a couple of days and huge thanks to our presenters who gallantly rose to the challenge of speaking to a computer webcam in place of a live audience.

FORS Silver compliance

30 Mar 2020
As standards continue to rise across the construction industry, more and more operators are being asked to become CLOCS compliant as a benchmark for safety.

FORS Annual Review 2019 out now

27 Feb 2020
FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - and CLOCS work together, with being FORS Silver accredited demonstrating that you are CLOCS compliant.

CLOCS shall go to the London Bike Show 2020

27 Feb 2020
Thanks to our generous sponsors, CLOCS is delighted to be returning to the London Bike Show at the ExCeL, London, 27th - 29th March 2020. The Show is the UK's largest cycling exhibition, providing us with a great platform for community engagement and to promote awareness of road safety.

HSE advisory group accelerates wider adoption of CLOCS

27 Feb 2020
The HSE's Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN) Managing Risks Well Working Group has adopted the CLOCS Standard as part of the solution to help minimise the impact of Site Transport on communities.

CLOCS City Inspiration webinars: 11 and 12 March 2020 on Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool

13 Feb 2020
Invitation: these free-to-attend, 2-hour webinars are delivered in partnership with RTPI, CIOB and ICE - and sponsored by Brigade. Join to hear first-hand from leading planners, construction clients, principal contractors and fleet operators who are already benefiting from implementing the CLOCS Standard (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) - working together to save lives, money, emissions and reputation.

FORS Professional Pedestrian Safe

30 Jan 2020
FORS Professional has launched its latest eLearning module Pedestrian Safe, available online and free-to-access for FORS members.

Happy Anniversary - CLOCS membership thrives

30 Jan 2020
It's been just over a year since CLOCS asked Champions to co-invest in the programme through low-level membership fees. Great news - most of our members have chosen to continue into 2020.

Support for your implementation of CLOCS

30 Jan 2020
Every CLOCS Champion is required to complete (and update annually) an Implementation Communication Plan (ICP). This online form captures an organisation's strategy to embed the CLOCS Standard throughout their operations and enables tracking of progress on their journey.

Site Access Traffic Marshal training: first CLOCS-approved training providers announced

30 Jan 2020
Alandale, AtoH and Knight Build are the first three organisations to have their Site Access Traffic Marshal training approved by the CLOCS assessment panel.

Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and Liverpool: CLOCS Champions inspiring others at city events in March

30 Jan 2020
CLOCS will be launching in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and Liverpool throughout March 2020 as part of the CLOCS strategy to drive positive action and profile good CLOCS Champions across the UK.

CLP training - claim your funded place

30 Jan 2020
New benefits for 2020 membership include one funded space per year on CLOCS Champions CLP (Construction Logistic Planning) training, with concessions available for colleagues.

'Simply the Best' CLOCS Champions: top tips from PR Consultants Frank & Brown

6 Jan 2020
All CLOCS Champions undertake to widely promote CLOCS, internally to their colleagues and other parts of their organisation and externally to embed the CLOCS Standard into 'business as usual' across the UK. This commitment, which is part of the Memorandum of Understanding agreed to on membership renewal, is extremely important to the growth and sustainability of the programme.

CLOCS Vox - Phase 2 of driver app trials kicks off 6 Jan 2020

6 Jan 2020
Now ready for Phase 2 trial: CLOCS Vox app - giving drivers a voice - is designed to collect feedback on site conditions to enable projects to improve/enhance current site conditions for drivers delivering to site.

RMS supports CLOCS' power to influence

6 Jan 2020
One of the benefits of being a CLOCS Champion is the influence the community exerts on the industry and our ability to drive positive change. Our success has already manifested in the European Commission committing to introduce a Europe-wide regulation to ensure that in future all new trucks will meet a minimum standard of direct vision. International negotiations are underway within the United Nations to decide what that minimum limit should be.

FORS and environmental efficiency

6 Jan 2020
With tough governmental targets on air quality, and many UK cities adopting Clean Air Zones, environmental efficiency is now even more important for fleets operating in urban areas.

Latest: Construction Logistics Plan Training

6 Jan 2020
Construction Logistics Plans are the golden thread that runs through CLOCS because, prepared well and used effectively, they bring huge benefits for all stakeholders delivering a construction project.

CLOCS City-Regions - platforms for CLOCS Champions to shine

2 Dec 2019
Teams of CLOCS Champions are being formed in 10 key UK cities, joining forces to better identify and engage key decision-makers and influencers in each UK city in the national drive for CLOCS implementation. All CLOCS Champions are urged to step forward and work as a team with other Champions in promoting the benefits of implementing the CLOCS Standard, giving those Champions platforms to shine.

Site Access Traffic Marshal: Calling all training providers

2 Dec 2019
A requirement of the CLOCS Standard is to ensure effective and efficient gate teams to enable the safest fleet operations but a recent CLOCS survey suggests that many of the 10,000 construction sites in the UK have less than competent traffic marshals.

Updated: FORS Vehicle safety equipment guide

2 Dec 2019
FORS has updated its FORS Vehicle safety equipment guide: a useful reference document designed to help operators meet the vehicle safety equipment requirements of the FORS Standard version 5.

London Bike Show: Calling for sponsors

2 Dec 2019
CLOCS is always looking for opportunities for Champions to shine and the London Bike show provides a great platform for community engagement and to promote awareness of road safety. Please note: 4th December 2019 deadline

New CLOCS site monitoring includes tool for self-assessment

2 Dec 2019
The CLOCS Standard requires effective monitoring of implementation on construction sites. To assist with compliance, a formal CLOCS monitoring approach has been developed by the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Event review: TfGM co-invest in CLOCS - Fri 18 Oct 2019 - Manchester

31 Oct 2019
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, launched their CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) strategy on Fri 18 Oct 2019 at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester

Update: CCS site reviews

31 Oct 2019
All Site Review bookings made from 1 November 2019 onwards will now receive 1 x A1 poster of the CLOCS Gate Check process as part of their Site Review by CCS and CLOCS.

London News: Direct Vision Standard and London Cycling Campaign

31 Oct 2019
Direct Vision Standard: a world-leading scheme to remove the most dangerous Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from London's streets was launched last month by the Mayor Sadiq Khan, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils. + London Cycling Campaign launches their Lorry Safety website.

FORS: supply chain compliance to ensure efficiency

31 Oct 2019
FORS Silver accredited operators comply with both CLOCS and Transport for London’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements. Therefore, FORS Silver accreditation can be used to demonstrate CLOCS as the two schemes are designed to align, to keep compliance simple.

Event: TfGM co-invest in CLOCS - Fri 18 Oct 2019 in Manchester

30 Sep 2019
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, will be launching their CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) strategy at 8.30am on Friday 18th October 2019 at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester.

Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) Training now available from CLOCS

30 Sep 2019
Now available from CLOCS: a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) is part of the planning consent process and provides the framework to minimise the impact of construction logistics. Well-planned construction logistics will reduce congestion, environmental impact and road risk, improving the safety of vulnerable road users. The CLP also helps reduce costs through efficient working practices and fewer deliveries.

SPOT THE CLOCS competition

30 Sep 2019
Have you spotted a construction site with CLOCS branding around the UK? Safely snap a shot of one of our CLOCS posters or banners in situ anywhere in the UK and you could win a £30 Waitrose voucher!

FORS launches Going for Silver and Gold webinar

30 Sep 2019
FORS and CLOCS work together to keep compliance simple, with achieving FORS Silver accreditation demonstrating that you are CLOCS compliant.

Webinars by FORS

1 Sep 2019
These two free 60 minute webinars provide an informative overview of FORS. You can find out more about them by checking out the link below.

CLOCS prepares to deliver Construction Logistic Plan Training

29 Aug 2019
Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are the golden thread that runs through the CLOCS Standard. We are delighted to advise that CLOCS will have its very own team trained and ready to deliver CLP programmes beginning in October.

A voice for fleet operators

29 Aug 2019
Would you like to help us and your fellow CLOCS Champions better understand your challenges when you rock up at site to deliver?

Updated gate check poster and checklist

29 Aug 2019
CLOCS has updated the Gate Check Poster and Checklist – now available in our resources section for download and print.

Supply chain compliance to ensure efficiency

28 Aug 2019
Specifying FORS can help ensure all road transport operators contracted by developers or contractors are assessed to meet the highest possible environmental, safety and efficiency standards.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) co-invest in CLOCS

30 Jul 2019
TfGM hosted members from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on the 11th July 2019 for a discussion on CLOCS and its benefits. The meeting was convened specifically to help inform colleagues with both planning and procurement responsibilities about the benefits of adopting the CLOCS Standard.

CLOCS congratulates future leaders in Construction

30 Jul 2019
As sponsors of Finalist Briefing for the Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) on Tuesday night, CLOCS had a great opportunity to directly address some of the most talented construction managers this year.

New Governance Group for CLOCS

30 Jul 2019
A new CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board (SSGB) has been appointed

CLOCS Resources under review

30 Jul 2019
During Implementation & Communication plan calls with our members, we review the value and relevance of the resources supplied on the website.

Do you want to meet 1,000 urban logistics professionals from across the industry?

30 Jul 2019
Taking place on 6 November 2019 in London’s Alexandra Palace, Freight in the City Expo will be full of key decision-makers looking for the latest technology and equipment to make urban freight movements safer, cleaner, quieter and more efficient.

Free FORS Fleet Tools

30 Jul 2019
FORS has launched a free online bank of toolkits designed to help FORS operators collate and manage their fleet data.

Prudential Ride London - 3-4 August 2019

30 Jul 2019
Prudential Ride London announcement for the 3-4 August 2019 weekend

Site Access Traffic Marshals: good, bad or ugly?

1 Jul 2019
Gate teams sometimes have a thankless task - they're out in all weathers, poorly paid, suffer abuse from the general public and even lorry drivers - yet are critical to ensuring authorised vehicles enter and leave the site safely and efficiently. That's why CLOCS wants to hear from your construction site manager to ensure their teams are fully trained and competent against the CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal competency framework.

CLOCS Greater Manchester and beyond ... !

1 Jul 2019
Greater Manchester is forging ahead in driving CLOCS adoption and implementation across the city-region. Transport for Greater Manchester has called a meeting of all GM local authorities to ensure their development control and procurement teams understand the need for action and the benefits of consistent implementation of CLOCS driven through planning and purchasing policies.

What are contractors asking fleet operators for ... ?

1 Jul 2019
The CLOCS Standard requires principal contractors to specify CLOCS compliance in their procurement strategies, core tender documentation, contracts and/or purchase orders, conditions of contract (or equivalent), site management documentation, and ensure adequate resources are allocated within tender prices.

Delivery Management Systems: making them work for you

1 Jul 2019
Delivery Management Systems (DMS) are used to maximise the productivity of the construction site and fleet operators servicing the site. CLOCS is currently conducting a survey of 100 principal contractor CLOCS champions to understand their current use and ideas for improvement.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Briefings for Contract Specifiers

1 Jul 2019
FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - will be hosting a series of briefings designed to assist organisations that specify FORS in their supply chain, or that intend to do so in the future.

CLOCS Champions, are you getting the most out of your membership?

29 May 2019
We offer all CLOCS Champion members regular contact to make sure you get the most out of your membership. A scheduled telephone conversation once a year gives you an opportunity to discuss your plans and how we best promote your interests and support you.

CLOCS Champions: priority access to CLP Training

29 May 2019
New course dates to be announced in July. CLOCS Members will have priority access to the training. To-date, over 250 professionals are now trained as CLP Practitioners. Email to make sure your name is at the top of the waiting list.

FORS Tyre management guide

28 May 2019
FORS has developed and launched a new tyre management guide, designed to provide managers of HGV, PCV, van and car fleets with guidance on all aspects of tyre management.

Tarmac - implementing CLOCS as a fleet operator

28 May 2019
Everyone should adopt the CLOCS Standard. But where operations fall short, organisations should be constructively challenged and supported to mutual benefit - Sean McGrae, Tarmac

Mulalley - implementing CLOCS as a principal contractor

28 May 2019
For Mulalley, CLOCS is about saving lives and preventing trauma, not about forced compliance to client requirements or legislation.

Exchanging Places (cycle safety) event with Erith at the University of Oxford

28 May 2019
Erith held a cycling safety event on a very rainy day in May at the University of Oxford for our latest EXCHANGING PLACES event. See our gallery of the event set up.

CLOCS with Kate Cairns

27 May 2019
Kate Cairns is a CLOCS expert, professional speaker and strategic advisor on construction logistics and work-related road risk. You can find regular updates to her campaigning here. Updated May 2019.

'One Best Way' updated health and safety standard guidance from Landsec

29 Apr 2019
Landsec are committed to ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys and they have updated their guidance

Ziggurat - join CLOCS on a cycling adventure and help raise money for charity

29 Apr 2019
18-22 September, 2019 - Ziggurat: join CLOCS on a 5 day cycling adventure from London to France - helping raise much needed funds for Action Medical Research

Exchanging Places (cycle safety) event at Marble Arch, London

29 Apr 2019
Careys set up at London's iconic Marble Arch this month in our latest EXCHANGING PLACES event. Focusing on cycle safety, Careys joined forces with the Metropolitan police demonstrating HGV road safety for vulnerable road users. Check out our gallery below.

ProCure22 and SCF - implementing CLOCS as a construction client

25 Apr 2019
ProCure22 (P22) and the Southern Construction Framework (SCF) explain why they are implementing CLOCS as construction clients

Croydon reaping benefits of implementing Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs)

25 Apr 2019
The implementation of Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) in Croydon has resulted in the increased volume of construction traffic being absorbed by the local area virtually ‘unnoticed’, and importantly with zero complaints.

Continental talk digitalisation for truck safety at CLOCS Conference 2019

29 Mar 2019
Continental Tyres UK has put digitalisation for safety to the top of the transport agenda in the construction industry, exploring how emerging technologies will make commercial vehicle fleets safer to audiences at the CLOCS Annual Conference.

DfT supports national roll-out of CLOCS

28 Mar 2019
CLOCS Conference 2019 Keynote: Duncan Price, Head of Freight, Operating Licensing and Roadworthiness, Department for Transport

Transport for Greater Manchester: notable transport authority outside of London adopts CLOCS

28 Mar 2019
Richard Banks, Senior Manager Freight Programmes, Transport for Greater Manager opened his presentation at the CLOCS Conference 2019 with 'Riding a bicycle or crossing a street should not require bravery'.

RTPI launches Practice Advice note: Planning for Construction Safety

28 Mar 2019
A practice note giving advice on how planners can help reduce collisions involving vehicles on route to construction sites and vulnerable road users was launched at the CLOCS conference by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

CLOCS Awards 2019: winners announced!

27 Mar 2019
10 winners announced at the CLOCS Conference 2019

FORS Security and Counter Terrorism training wins national award

27 Mar 2019
The FORS Security and Counter Terrorism and eLearning module won the Counter Terrorism Education Project Award at the 2019 Counter Terrorism Awards.

CLOCS Annual Conference 2019: Influence & Information

20 Mar 2019
Influence & Information | Wednesday 20th March 2019 | 10:00 - 15:00 | National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham B92 0EJ

CLOCS Champions benefit from Tideway legacy commitment strategy

28 Feb 2019
EPIC Logistics is one of 4 workshops available to CLOCS members at the Annual Conference on 20 March 2019

Making the digital leap: Continental Tyres at the CLOCS Conference 2019

28 Feb 2019
Continental Tyres UK will host a road safety workshop at the CLOCS Annual Conference, as part of its role as the main sponsor for the 2019 event.

Loud & Proud: CLOCS Champions should use CLOCS branding to magnify their USP

28 Feb 2019
Be ‘loud and proud’ in promoting your status as a CLOCS champion

Traffic Routing: join forces to create solutions

28 Feb 2019
Are you interested in driving collective demand for safer sat nav / traffic routing solutions?

FORS: updated vehicle safety equipment guide for version 5

28 Feb 2019
The updated version of the FORS Vehicle safety equipment guide is now available to download from the FORS website.

Awards for outstanding CLOCS Champions

27 Feb 2019
CLOCS to celebrate the achievements of outstanding CLOCS champions

Continental Tyres sponsor CLOCS Conference 2019

31 Jan 2019
Continental Tyres UK is to be the main sponsor of the CLOCS Conference, as part of their commitment to improving road safety for all road users.

Wates achieve high score in their first CLOCS site monitoring visit

30 Jan 2019
Brackenhale Academy is the first Wates project to benefit from the initiative in the Southern Home Counties.

Gate checks: what do you do with a non-compliant vehicle?

30 Jan 2019
A pragmatic approach is required to minimise the risk of further journeys by non-compliant vehicles on the road

Day Aggregates sponsor Health, Safety and Wellbeing category

30 Jan 2019
CLOCS Champions show their commitment to Health & Safety in Construction

Supply chain compliance: how to make it happen?

30 Jan 2019
Concern has been expressed that there are situations where it is not possible to source compliant suppliers.

FORS Fuel Management Guide

30 Jan 2019
To help operators manage their fuel consumption, FORS has created the ‘FORS Fuel management guide’.

New Year resolutions: no more close passing

7 Jan 2019
Unless you cycle, you are unlikely to realise how dangerous close passing can be.

Have your say on safer lorries in London: final proposals for HGV safety permits

7 Jan 2019
Transport for London (TfL) has now developed final proposals to introduce a new Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) Safety Permit Scheme

FORS Winter Guide - key safety tips for drivers

7 Jan 2019
FORS has developed a new driving guide, designed to give HGV drivers seasonal safety advice ahead of the coming winter months.

Road safety education for schools: how to engage with your community

7 Jan 2019
Find out how you could also promote your commitment to safety within your community and importantly prevent harm to children.

CLOCS Conference 2019: Influence and Information: free tickets for members

7 Jan 2019
20th March 2019 in Birmingham - book your places now...

New Year, new CLOCS Standard: how will you implement?

7 Jan 2019
The new CLOCS Standard (v3) is now operational and should be adhered to in respect of all new contracts let.

Government CWIS supports CLOCS

3 Dec 2018
The Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) published by the Department for Transport mentions CLOCS: a great outcome from the efforts of champions who responded to the consultation

CLOCS Champions quick to commit

3 Dec 2018
Hundreds of CLOCS Champions have been quick to commit to maintaining CLOCS as a sustainable national standard.

National Road Safety Week 19th to 25th November

3 Dec 2018
To promote National Road Safety week, CLOCS offered free banners and posters in last months bulletin.

How to do: Exchanging Places

3 Dec 2018
Organising exchanging places events is a powerful way for Champions to demonstrate their commitment to keeping communities around developments safe

Children in Need 2018

3 Dec 2018
CLOCS Champions Les Smith Haulage supplied a show unit for a Children in Need event on Saturday 17th November 2018.

CLOCS Banners and Posters

3 Dec 2018
CLOCS Champions can purchase CLOCS banners & posters

Travelling billboards for CEMEX pedestrian safety campaign

3 Dec 2018
CEMEX UK has created travelling billboards on its trucks to pass on road safety messages to pedestrians

CLOCS Standard (Version 3)

3 Dec 2018
The new CLOCS Standard includes, for the first time, responsibilities for regulators, particularly planning and highways authorities.

FORS launches Bridge Smart toolkit

3 Dec 2018
Bridge Smart is based around three essential themes of resetting the culture of preventing bridge strikes, relearning avoidance techniques and regaining industry best practice to prevent bridge strikes.

How Tarmac manage their FORS accreditation to ensure CLOCS Compliance

1 Nov 2018
Garry Lewis, Transport Standards Manager for Tarmac explains how they manage their FORS accreditation

How to be a good CLOCS communicator

31 Oct 2018
The steps that Kate Cairns, Founder of See Me Save Me has taken to communicate what CLOCS is achieving and encourage others to take action.

FORS Licence Checking

31 Oct 2018
FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited to provide FORS Driver Licence Checking Service.

CLOCS Champion features in FT Future 100 list

31 Oct 2018
O’Donovan was a founding CLOCS champion and is involved in a range of ongoing initiatives which demonstrate top-down commitment.

Freight in the City

31 Oct 2018
The 4th Freight in the City Expo will take place on 6 November 2018 at Alexandra Palace, London.

Procuring for CLOCS

31 Oct 2018
Wales has been a focus for CLOCS with two Working Groups held in Cardiff to engage with key influencers in the region.

CLOCS joins the FORS Conference

31 Oct 2018
As significant partners, CLOCS presented to a packed hall of 450 delegates and took part in a day of dynamic presentations and lively interactive debate.

CLOCS membership fees

31 Oct 2018
A positive response to the new CLOCS membership proposition

Have you seen the new CLOCS Standard?

30 Oct 2018
The new CLOCS Standard version 3 has been published, operational from January 2019.

National Road Safety Week 19th to 25th November

30 Oct 2018
CLOCS is giving away a free banner and poster for organisations that sign up for membership during National Road Safety week

CLOCS Standard (Version 3) from January 2019

4 Oct 2018
Reviewed every two years to ensure it remains progressive and pragmatic, the CLOCS Standard (version 3) will come into effect from 1st Jan 2019

CLOCS attracts crowds at the Image of Construction event

4 Oct 2018
Considerate Constructors Scheme Image of Construction conference

CLOCS in Welsh construction framework requirements

4 Oct 2018
South East Wales Highways Framework and the South and Mid Wales Collaborative Construction Framework embed CLOCS

Suffer a little so little ones can live

4 Oct 2018
CLOCS and the construction industry join in 300 mile charity bike ride

FORS Collision Manager

4 Oct 2018
FORS Collision Manager is open to any CLOCS Champion looking to improve their understanding of the work-related road safety collisions

CLOCS Champions University of Manchester hosting road safety event

5 Sep 2018
Free drop in event 'Sharing the Road Safely' - September 26th

Met police release Exchanging Places 360 video

4 Sep 2018
Video aims to address the most common cause of serious injury and death to cyclists – collisions involving HGVs.

CLOCS Site monitoring visits

4 Sep 2018
To help Champions understand and improve site compliance and safety.

What is a CLOCS Champion? Client & Principal Contractors

3 Sep 2018
We explain what being a CLOCS Champion means to Client and Principal Contractors.

Revised CLOCS Standard to be published December 2018

3 Sep 2018
The CLOCS team is currently working on the next revision together with a dedicated task group with representatives from all types of CLOCS Champion.

FORS Overseer Dashboard

3 Sep 2018
FORS have launched a dashboard to help organisations that oversee FORS accredited supply chain's.

LoCITY annual conference

3 Sep 2018
The third LoCITY annual conference is being held on 5th September 2018 at Kempton Park Racecourse.

New CLOCS Champions - August 2018

1 Sep 2018
Organisations committing to take responsibility for safety beyond the site gate.

CLOCS Incident 22nd August 2018

23 Aug 2018
Female cyclist suffers life changing injury

CLOCS Incident 20th August 2018

21 Aug 2018
A female pedestrian is in a critical condition after a collision with a HGV

MPA call on Government to ensure all public sector construction contracts are CLOCS Compliant

17 Aug 2018
Why aren’t all construction clients, contractors and suppliers taking road safety seriously?

FORS moves to demystify the FORS and CLOCS relationship

16 Aug 2018
FORS is funding a series of half-day workshops to help 'demystify' the relationship between FORS and CLOCS.

CoTrain Apprentice looks at ways that CLOCS can be used on Wates site

16 Aug 2018
CoTrain Apprentice gains skills while researching the CLOCS Standard

CLOCS Incident 15th August 2018

15 Aug 2018
A male cyclist reported to be in his 60's has been killed in a collision with a HGV

CLOCS Incident 14th August 2018

14 Aug 2018
A female pedestrian reported to be in her 70's has been killed in a collision with a HGV

CLOCS Incident 7th August 2018

7 Aug 2018
A male cyclist has sustained injuries that are being treated as potentially life threatening.

CLOCS Incident 6th August 2018

6 Aug 2018
A male pedestrian killed following a collision with a HGV.

CLOCS Bulletin August 2018

1 Aug 2018
News and updates from the CLOCS team

Roadpeace call on the Department of Transport to Champion CLOCS

31 Jul 2018
Online Lorry Danger campaign petition launched

All CLOCS Champions invited to attend 'Image of Construction' event this September

31 Jul 2018
The Considerate Constructors Scheme invites CLOCS Champions to free event in Central London

CLOCS and FORS: Complatible compliance

27 Jul 2018
FORS and CLOCS work together, to keep compliance simple. Watch the video >>

Review of CLOCS Standard: call for input

27 Jul 2018
New edition of the CLOCS Standard is due for publication December 2018 – what would you like to see included or changed?

CLOCS shortlisted for two industry awards

27 Jul 2018
CLOCS has been shortlisted for its achievements in Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the London Construction Awards 2018 and the APS National CDM Awards.

Portal to gather video evidence of dangerous driving

26 Jul 2018
Police forces across England and Wales sign up to a single portal for road users to submit video evidence.

Licence checking

26 Jul 2018
FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited to make it easier to complete the secure driver checks which are required every six months.

CLOCS Incident 25th July 2018

25 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 25th July 2018 (2)

25 Jul 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

New CLOCS Champion Portal

24 Jul 2018
Online system to help CLOCS Champions manage their progress towards compliance with the CLOCS Standard.

New CLOCS Website is now live

23 Jul 2018
Designed to help everyone understand their roles and responsibilities when implementing and promoting CLOCS.

CLOCS Incident 20th July 2018

20 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 17th July 2018

17 Jul 2018
A male pedestrian believed to be 18 has been injured in a collision with a HGV.

CLOCS Incident 9th July 2018

9 Jul 2018
Cyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 5th July 2018

5 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 30th May 2018 (2)

30 May 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 30th May 2018

30 May 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 18th May 2018

18 May 2018
Cyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 9th May 2018

9 May 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 3rd May 2018

3 May 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

The University of Manchester is the 600th Champion

2 May 2018
The University of Manchester is the 600th organisation to commit to implementing the national CLOCS Standard on all their operations.

CLOCS Incident 18th April 2018

18 Apr 2018
Motorcyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 27th Feb 2018

27 Feb 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 19th Feb 2018

19 Feb 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 18th Jan 2018

18 Jan 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 17th Jan 2018

17 Jan 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV