OnSite Support PLUS helps reduce the number of deliveries to site

When Willmott Dixon Construction launched their Now or Never and Our Decisive Decade Strategies, to work towards a BETTER PLANET, the company’s goal was to work with their supply chain partners to generate zero avoidable waste by 2030 and achieve zero operational carbon by 2040. 

Using Technology To Uphold The CLOCS Standard

As part of their supply chain, OnSite Support were keen to help support this key client to achieve their goals, and through their PLUS programme, we were able to recommend efficiencies to the client’s ordering process that would result in instant results.

As a CLOCS Champion, OnSite Support uphold the CLOCS mission and primary goals of ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys with:

  • zero collisions between construction vehicles and the community
  • improved air quality and reduced emissions
  • fewer vehicle journeys
  • reduced reputational risk

Fewer Vehicle Journeys

Working collaboratively with Steve Watson, the National Supply Chain Director at Willmott Dixon, OnSite Support recommended a change to the delivery shcedule for Willmott Dixon sites, taking the deliveries down to two deliveries per site, per week, with a minimum order value of £50 per order across all Willmott Dixon projects.

Following a 3-month trial over Q4 2021, Wilmott Dixon saw a decrease of 384 deliveries to their sites, resulting in 800kg less CO2 generated by OnSite Support in their supply of PPE and Consumables to Willmott Dixon. This was despite an increased spend by Willmott Dixon against the previous quarter.

Reducing Costs

In addition, Willmott Dixon experienced a *31% reduction in their Order Processing Costs (OPC) and Delivery Handling Costs (DHC). Through this change, OnSite Support also helped Willmott Dixon to reduce their procurement costs as a % of total orders by 24% (down from 64% to 40%).

“The key to seeing a positive impact was working collaboratively with Willmott Dixon to implement some SMART objectives and help drive sustainable procurement for all Willmott Dixon’s sites that we supply”, said Murray Hopwood from OnSite Support.

Success Through Partnership

“Since the launch of our Now or Never strategy, Willmott Dixon has made a conscious effort to work with our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint on sites. OnSite Support’s proposed changes have not only helped us see a decrease in traffic to site but also in Scope 3 carbon emissions, and ultimately also a savings against our order processing costs. The PLUS programme has been instrumental in helping to deliver these savings and having a supportive account management team at OnSite Support has made the transition smooth for all involved.” ~ Steve Watson, National Supply Chain Director at Willmott Dixon Construction 

   Watch Willmott Dixon case study video: Click here to view

*Figure based on the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply research.