Saint-Gobain, Bevan Group and Motormax reduce incident frequency of Jewson fleet by 34%

Motormax, pioneering fleet safety solutions provider worked in partnership with building and materials distributor, Saint-Gobain to improve the safety of their fleet. Working alongside vehicle converter Bevan Group, the collaboration reduced vehicle incident rate by over a third across the fleet of Jewson trucks. 

In 2021 Motormax announced our status as a CLOCS Champion, an investment that further highlights our dedication to raising road safety standards throughout the UK’s largest fleets. For over 20 years we have supplied innovative solutions to enable our clients achieve the CLOCS Standard and we recognise the CLOCS Standard initiative as integral to the cause of protecting vulnerable road users, increasing driver welfare, and improving road safety.

Being a CLOCS Champion makes a clear corporate statement of an organisation’s commitment to prevent future collisions between HGVs and vulnerable road users by consistently implementing the CLOCS Standard and by working collaboratively with its customers, suppliers and other CLOCS Champions.

Improving vehicle safety 

A primary CLOCS goal is to achieve zero collisions between construction vehicles and community. Motormax safety systems have a consistent and proven track record of improving vehicle safety – allowing organisations to leverage the innovative technology available to ensure all vehicle journeys are compliant with the CLOCS Standard.

Motormax design and manufacture audible and visual warning safety systems, cameras, obstacle detection, vehicle CCTV, live platform DVR and fleet AI. The safety systems used by Saint-Gobain proactively impacts fleet safety, the welfare of drivers and the surrounding public. The technology is designed to communicate critical and potentially life-saving alerts to drivers with timely warnings for them to act.

Innovative road safety technology

James Haycock, Motormax Co-Founder and Director commented “As non-vehicle journeys increase, so to do HGVs journeys. With that in mind it’s more important than ever that organisations take advantage of the innovative technology that’s available now. In line with the CLOCS Standard, we manufacture vehicle electronics designed to reduce collisions between construction vehicles and the community. With over 25 years’ experience, innovation is at the forefront of our business, and since 2010 we have designed and developed all of our own products. This enables us to design bespoke solutions and react quickly to customers individual road safety requirements”.

Using technology to adhere to the CLOCS Standard

A range of equipment from Motormax was installed onto Saint-Gobain’s fleet of Jewson trucks. This included a  six-camera system offering live, high-definition footage which can be downloaded at the touch of a button remotely from a PC or laptop. Plus two side detection systems located along the nearside of the vehicle. These notify the driver and vulnerable road users that the vehicle is present and that it may be making a low-speed manoeuvre.

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In addition, a cycle sign placed on the back of the vehicle will alert people that the vehicle is present. The system will also health-check itself so that if a camera or hard drive fails, a notification will be sent to Motormax.

Reducing incident frequency 

Section 4.4 of the CLOCS standard, states, ‘Clients shall review headline collision/near miss information with equal importance to reports of incidents within the site hoardings (incident data). Leigh Whymark-Jones, Saint-Gobain Group insurance and risk manager, UK & Ireland reviewed this data for their fleet of Jewson trucks before and after Motormax safety systems were fitted. “Currently we have approx. 1000 vehicles fitted with the Motormax system. Through working with Motormax, Saint-Gobain has seen a 34% reduction in incident frequency.” Whymark-Jones continues, “Working with Motormax we can develop this technology further to benefit both our drivers and members of the public. We've got consistency, reliability, and we're confident that the relationship will flourish further.” 

Pioneering technology 

Daniel Bevan, General Manager at Bevan Group added, “One of the main reasons we selected Motormax was innovation. In an industry that's constantly moving, they are too. Where you've got quite a large supply chain network in this industry, the consistency you get from Motormax is second to none. To say the project has been successful is an understatement. It's worked incredibly well for Saint-Gobain and so much so, we've actually been able use the system on 100% of Saint-Gobain’s fleet and rolled it out to 90% of our other conversions.”

Motormax continually demonstrate their commitment to actively impacting road safety through their CLOCS Champion status. 

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