Vehicle Manufacturers/Suppliers

You are responsible for research and innovation and bringing safer vehicles and products to market.

CLOCS works hard to improve the design and manufacture of safer new vehicles and to encourage the fitting of appropriate safety equipment to existing vehicles. New and innovative research projects have been commissioned to support the requirements of the CLOCS Standard and allow for evidence-based decision making when it comes to investment in new vehicles or retrofit equipment.  It is important to CLOCS that everything we do has the potential to improve conditions on the roads and it is crucial that this work is robustly supported by research.

CLOCS has worked closely with the top UK vehicle manufacturers & suppliers to:

  • promote the benefits of vehicle safety equipment, including:
    • indirect vision aids (mirrors, cameras or monitors)
    • driver audible alerts
    • warning signage
    • side under-run protection
    • vehicle manoeuvring warnings
  • demonstrate the road safety benefits of increased driver direct vision
  • stimulate more creative vehicle design solutions
  • develop the world’s first HGV Direct Vision Standard

What is your commitment to become a CLOCS Champion?

CLOCS Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS Sponsor. An application will require you to agree to the terms and submit an acceptable CLOCS Implementation Plan online.  Implementation Plans provide a headline statement of corporate intent to implement and comply with the CLOCS Standard.

Vehicle manufacturers and designers and suppliers of safety equipment pledge to work with CLOCS to strive for the highest safety standards, support CLOCS Champions with understanding and where possible offer preferential access and rates.

How to become a CLOCS Champion

There is an annual CLOCS Champion membership fee of £960 + VAT.

This low level of co-investment is needed to accelerate and increase the adoption and implementation of CLOCS across the UK, and to better support registered organisations committed to positive action to eliminate the risk of harm to communities from their construction logistics activity.


If you are ready to commit to saving lives then your first step is to register to become a CLOCS Champion. After your registration has been processed you will receive information on how to create your own Champion Account where you will be able to build your profile and submit your first implementation plan for approval.  Your membership fee will be due as soon as your first implementation plan has been approved.


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