Vehicle / fleet operators

You use vehicles to deliver to/from a construction site/development.

The CLOCS Standard applies to all commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. This includes abnormal indivisible loads and engineering plant. The Client will determine within their own contracts if the CLOCS Standard also applies to vehicles under 3.5 tonnes.

CLOCS aims to create a level commercial environment for vehicle operators where investment in a safe, quality operation is recognised when bidding for work.  

For vehicle operators, complying with the CLOCS Standard:

  • ensures all journeys meet the requirements described as Silver in the FORS Standard (by addressing key management, driver, vehicle and operations issues)
  • provides acceptable evidence of compliance as defined/specified by each procurer through formal accreditation through FORS or equivalent
  • Amongst other issues it:
    • provides evidence of a quality fleet operation
    • helps with selection of the most effective safety equipment
    • ensures drivers receive appropriate supplementary training
    • requires the collection and reporting of collision data to inform ‘lessons to be learned’ – reporting to clients / principal contractors where procured to do so.
    • reduces risk to protect drivers and commercial reputation
    • provides competitive advantage when bidding for work and opportunity to influence client procurement

What is your commitment to be a CLOCS Champion?  

FORS Silver operators are not obliged to register as a CLOCS Champion, but all are encouraged to be both FORS accredited and a CLOCS Champion for all the commercial advantages that brings.

A CLOCS Champion commits to having:

  • at least 20% of its operating centres CLOCS compliant (i.e. meeting the standard described as FORS Silver)
  • a clear plan to get the majority of its sites to be CLOCS compliant within two years
  • a clear plan to encourage other organisations to adopt the CLOCS Standard

Implementation and communication plan (ICP)

CLOCS Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS Sponsor. An application will require you to agree to the terms and submit and maintain an acceptable CLOCS Implementation Plan. Implementation plans provide a headline statement of corporate intent to implement and comply with the CLOCS Standard.

The CLOCS Standard requires fleet operators to ensure all vehicle operations meet the requirements as described as Silver in the FORS Standard.  The CLOCS Standard requires fleet operators to provide acceptable evidence (as defined by each procurer) to demonstrate that requirements have been met. However, it does not require FORS Silver accreditation.  

As a vehicle operator your implementation plan will require you to set out the scope and current accreditation of your fleet and your plans for progression. You will commit to procure for CLOCS through your own supply chain. You will be asked to update this each year to enable the CLOCS team to track progress towards full implementation and compliance to the CLOCS Standard.

Where there is no contractual requirement to report to the client collision data that results in harm to the community,CLOCS Champions are encouraged to present this information and resulting action plans to their customers.  CLOCS has worked with FORS to develop a collision management tool to help.


How to become a CLOCS Champion

There is an annual CLOCS Champion membership fee of £960 + VAT.

This low level of co-investment is needed to accelerate and increase the adoption and implementation of CLOCS across the UK, and to better support registered organisations committed to positive action to eliminate the risk of harm to communities from their construction logistics activity


If you are ready to commit to saving lives then your first step is to register to become a CLOCS Champion. After your registration has been processed you will receive information on how to create your own Champion Account where you will be able to build your profile and submit your first implementation plan for approval.  Your membership fee will be due as soon as your first implementation plan has been approved.


"CLOCS is commercially vital to our business, the majority of the contractors and local councils in central London that we work for insist certain vehicle standards are met.  Failure to comply means our vehicles are turned away from the gate.” 

Ashish Gami & Kevin Murphy (Transport Managers)

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