Principal contractors

You have principal responsibility for the construction and/or operation of a site and procuring supplies and services that require vehicle deliveries.

You are responsible for health & safety beyond the hoardings as well as on site. For a principal contractor, CLOCS provides a common national standard to ensure construction vehicles and drivers servicing your sites present zero risk of harm to the community.

Adopting CLOCS will help you to achieve high standards throughout your supply chain.

The framework, guidance and the tools we have developed will support you with implementation on site:

  • construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) provide efficient and effective ways to manage costs and certainty of programme
  • introducing CLOCS into your contracts enables you to insist suppliers have appropriate processes in place
  • classifying ‘site conditions’ helps with procurement of the right vehicles for the job
  • using the Site Monitoring Checklist helps to understand and reinforce requirements
  • gate checks ensure fleet compliance and quality assurance
  • Site Monitoring visits help with improvement and compliance

What does the Standard require of a principal contractor?

Principal contractors shall:

  • ensure the project’s potential impact on the community has been properly risk-assessed
  • develop and/or implement the agreed CLP and ensure it remains suitable and sufficient
  • procure site and fleet operations that comply to the requirements of the CLOCS Standard
  • ensure site arrangements enable the safest fleet operations including but not limited to, ‘last mile’ routing, level access/egress, stable loading/unloading areas, effective delivery management systems and competent site access traffic marshals
  • ensure effective and efficient site access gate checks of HGVs and their drivers to ensure they always comply to the CLOCS Standard. Non-compliances must be immediately risk-assessed, appropriately mitigated and addressed through procurement processes
  • ensure effective independent monitoring of the project’s compliance with the CLOCS Standard is undertaken approximately every 6 months and appropriate action taken to address non-compliance
  • review information on all collisions that result in harm (and near-miss incidents) that occur on journeys associated with the project and ensure they are quickly investigated and actions taken to prevent recurrence

What is your commitment to be a CLOCS Champion?  

A CLOCS Champion commits to having:

  • at least 20% of its sites formally reviewed by the CLOCS team
  • a clear plan to get the majority of its sites to be CLOCS compliant within two years
  • a clear plan to encourage other organisations to adopt the CLOCS Standard

Implementation and communication plan (ICP)

CLOCS Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS Sponsor. An application will require you to agree to the terms and submit and maintain an acceptable CLOCS Implementation Plan. Implementation plans provide a headline statement of corporate intent to implement and comply with the CLOCS Standard.

As a principal contractor your Implementation Plan will require headline figures to indicate the overall scale of your operations i.e. approximate number and location of sites you have across the UK. These would be sites where construction vehicles regularly visit and that could implement the national CLOCS Standard. You will be able to set your own target for full implementation both in terms of scope and timescale. You will be asked to update this each year to enable the CLOCS team to track progress towards full implementation and compliance to the CLOCS Standard.

Site Monitoring Visits

To help Champions understand and improve site compliance and consequent safety, CLOCS Site Monitoring Visits have been developed in partnership with CLOCS partners' Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

How to become a CLOCS Champion

There is an annual CLOCS Champion membership fee of £960 + VAT.

This low level of co-investment is needed to accelerate and increase the adoption and implementation of CLOCS across the UK, and to better support registered organisations committed to positive action to eliminate the risk of harm to communities from their construction logistics activity.

If you are ready to commit to saving lives then your first step is to register to become a CLOCS Champion. After your registration has been processed you will receive information on how to create your own Champion Account where you will be able to build your profile and submit your first implementation plan for approval.  Your membership fee will be due as soon as your first implementation plan has been approved.

“Through our collaborations with CLOCS, FORS and the supply chain, we have developed an extended culture that manages our risk to ensure we protect the lives and wellbeing of all vulnerable road users.” 

Martin Orrells General Manager, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, Costain

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